A Quick Note

Sorry for the many months of absence. My novel is still being worked on, but with work and my other writing projects I haven’t been updating my dear readers as regularly as I did last year.

You can still follow me at Writings of Seb and In God’s Holy Word.



A Quote from Volume 2

Here’s a snippet from the current chapter I’m working on. Enjoy!

“Hope. Was it still a reality? Or is it just a delusional concept to ensnare and weaken the mind so that the enemy can attack? Everyone had their personal agenda, Benji had one, Frank had one, even Val had his own, and me? Definitely! Mine was to get home, and everyone else’s was to control something or someone.”

Update: Summer’s End

A few months ago I talked about my writer’s block. I even wrote a silly poem about the idea. Since then I still have been finding it difficult to sit down and write Zephaniah’s story. There seems to be too much going on in my life: work, event planning (volunteering), and spending time with friends.

It isn’t that the story has dried up. In fact there is so much more I have in my head right now. I could go on and on with The Traveller’s Paradox and get the characters to the next major setting/event that is about to transpire.

I’ll keep this post short, and try to get some writing done.

Before I go I’d like to say thank you to all my dear readers, followers and friends for supporting me in all my writing endeavours. And I want to encourage you all to continue writing or start writing. Every person has a story, whether fact or fiction, waiting to be shared.

Update: Nothing New

I thought I’d give you all an update on my writing progress. Currently I am struggling with finding a good balance with work, church volunteering, and keeping up my four blog sites. Have I taking on too much? Some people may say so, but I believe it is just a matter of finding a new rhythm in life.

My writer’s block is slowly dissipating as new ideas are surfacing. One idea I never thought of before was giving the characters in The Traveller’s Paradox a good enough reason to remain in a far off star system (a upcoming story arch starting in the latter half of Volume Two). Like the winds of time, ideas come and go as they please. Since I began this blog, posting the first draft (since removed) and then the second draft of Volume One, the story thus far is set in stone.

Since my previous post I haven’t had much progress in way of writing my novel. One day, hopefully before summer’s end, I will have another chapter or two (or three) done. And hopefully the first draft of Volume Two can turn into second draft. The story is a long one, and lots will happen to Zephaniah and the people around him.

Like I tell my friends, “I know where the story needs to go; it’s just a matter of getting there.”

Update: Writer’s Block

Before I begin I would like to apologize to my dear readers. My posts aren’t as consistent as I’d like them to be. I’ve been struggling with what to write. Lately this as seeped into The Traveller’s Paradox–as I tell my friends, “I know where the story needs to go, but the journey getting there is the hard part.”

With over a decade of countless drafts and attempts at writing Zephaniah’s story, the main tale as been set in stone (to a point).   At the beginning of Book Two of Volume Two I’m trying to add a few more modern conspiracy theories. The one I’m currently weaving into the novel is Valiant Thor, a Venusian visitor to Earth. (Here is the best link I can find. Mind you, I don’t believe the legend, just using the idea and name.) Zephaniah encounters Valiant’s grandson or some distant descendant.

In past drafts I had various means to get the cast to their next adventure. A secret message in an ancient, abandoned city to a encrypted message from a galaxy far, far far away (or a nearby star system). My current line of thinking is Valiant’s people are part of a greater community of aliens and his message is the means to find someone the Reverent-Mother Leah needs to find and bring back to Earth.

“Sounds like a plan.” You might say. The road block I’m facing is not the bones of the story but the flesh and skin. How do I embellish the story without deviating too much from where it needs to go? Or do I make some major changes at this point? The discovery of a new world can still be on schedule but what happens once there can alter. Thus several more changes can take place, which may turn out for the better of the novel series as a whole.

Only time can tell.

While my writer’s block sits occupies my life as a writer, I’ll take the time to focus of other projects I have on the go.

Update: Character Building

How does a one-dimensional character become a multi-dimensional person? That is one of many questions I’ve been asking myself since the beginning of this writing journey. As an author there are two major hurdles to overcome as a storyteller and character builder. They are on the opposite end of the same spectrum; a good writer eventually needs to achieve a good balance of the two.

The first hurdle is due to planning: seeing the big picture. The Traveller’s Paradox has been bounced around my mind for over a decade and the story had multiple versions. The main story has remained fairly the same in the past five years; with that the characters have also stayed the same.

The issue with knowing the big picture is writing with only that in mind. Trying to reach the next major event can hinder character development. I confess that my characters remain in character too long and too well. That is to say their responses and vocabulary seem to be predictable because the next stage needs to be met before the book’s end.

The second hurdle is due to writing: seeing the small picture. This problem has similar outcomes as the previous, but for different reasons. As take time to write The Traveller’s Paradox I typically don’t have the time to write an entire chapter in one sitting. With that I tend to see and focus on the material right in front of me and the characters just go for a ride.

There are times I allow them, and prefer that they do, direct the direction of the story. But, with the process of interpreted writing sessions, the story development can move along perfectly at the expense of character development.

How does an author reach a balance? Simple, reading and re-reading; editing and re-editing. The point I’m trying to make is one of encouragement.

Fellow writers, bloggers and authors: stay strong and don’t give-up the the writing burdens you down. Keep up the good writing, eventually your inner master piece will be shared with the literary world. The Traveller’s Paradox would still be in the process of re-starting for the umpteenth time if I kept listening to the negative voices around and in me.

Get out into the world and make connections with other writers, both published and pre-published authors. Be as much of an encouragement to them as they will be to you. Even editors, beta-readers and the like, can be your encouragers.

Be strong and keep on writing (and reading).

Concerning Conspiracy Theories

From the day I moved back, until today, I’ve been busy looking for a job, writing and volunteering at my church. While this is all fun it doesn’t put money in my bank account or food on my table. That’s pros and cons living in an economic downtime in Western Canada.

That’s my life in a nutshell and this is Zephaniah’s journey.

I’ve been doing some research into what to add to The Traveller’s Paradox and it brought me back to one of my original ideas: conspiracy theories. Which ones should I use? And which ones are too far fetched? Every science-fiction author properly has a different answer to this.

I’ve looked into UFOs and alien visitations. I plan to also use a modified version of the ancient astronaut theory. There are so many stories and reports floating around in the internet. In Volume One I’ve already used or alluded to several and in Volume Two I’ve already touched on three.

In your science-fiction stories which conspiracy theories have/would you use? How does this advance or hinder your protagonist’s experience?